Jasmin Flower Tea

Jasmin Flower Tea

Scientific Name – Jasminum


This was a request from one of my customers, having never been a huge fan of jasmine tea until I found this lovely gently flavoured tea, most jasmine teas are blended with green or black tea yet we have provided just the jasmine flowers themselves for you to have a true cup of Jasmin tea or if you prefer you can mix it in with some black tea yourself so you can truly enjoy the delicate floral notes with every sip.

It has been said that it can help with Detoxing the body being an anti oxidant, help with digestion, Hydrate and Refresh as well as healing you relax

Did you know

According to Ayurvedic medicine, these flowers can have a relaxing and sedative effect.


Ingredients: Chinese Jasmine


Brewing Instructions

Put slightly less than a teaspoon in each cup and pour hot just boiled water, steep between 2 to 4 minutes.