Mallow Tea

Mallow Tea

Scientific Name – Malva Sylvestris


Mallow tea has been used world wide for centuries as an anti-inflammatory; reduces blood glucose level; useful for subsidence of swelling, treatment  of warm cough  by  loosening and expelling mucus and sputum of the chest, as well as the treatment of pneumonia, please be warned that large quantities of mallow can have laxative effects.

Ingredients: Iranian whole Mallow flower

Weight: 20g

Brewing Instructions

Soothing Cough Mixture:
Place two generous teaspoons of dried mallow flowers in half a cup of cold water, cover and let mixture stand for at least four hours. Strain and add honey and lemon to taste. Take as you would cough syrup as often as needed.

Stomach Soothing Mallow Tea:
Add one and a half teaspoons of mallow to a cup, pour on boiling water and cover and leave to infuse for twenty minutes, strain and drink.