Rose Bud Tea

Rose Bud Tea

Scientific Name – Rosa


For over 5000 years Persian and china had remained the main habitat for the rose and was traded along the ancient silk road, Persian poets would dedicate entire verses to the floral centrepieces of their paradise gardens

This rather wonderfully fragrant and light tea is made by picking the most delicate rose buds and then drying them using traditional methods. A beautiful and delicate infusion that is best enjoyed in a glass cup, rose tea is light and refreshing on the palate.

Revered for its ability to increase circulation and improve heart health, this exceptional herbal tea has a unique beauty and offers a soothing cup which can be enjoyed during a quiet moment in the day.

Ingredients: Iranian whole rosebuds

Weight: 30g

Brewing Instructions

Place a couple of generous pinches of loose tea and one pinch of rose petals in the teapot. Add boiling water. Cover and let steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. Alternatively you can have rose tea on its own, add a teaspoon of rose buds to your glass and add boiling water, let steep for 5 to 10 minutes’ depending on the strength you prefer. Let us know which you prefer?